Environment & energy


Environment & energy


Environment & energy

The installation of LUCHT LHZ electrical space heating technology is an invitation to the environment & energy field. Our electrical heating equipment is not only cutting edge from a technical and qualitative point of view. We are also absolute leaders in fields such as

  • preservation of resources
  • local emission-free heat
  • energy efficiency
  • avoidance of waste

and this is something that our customers in more than 50 countries across the world appreciate.

When looking at the lifecycle costs, it becomes apparent that our solutions are energy and cost-efficient. But we do a lot more than this.

“For the last 3 decades we have stayed on our path with the LUCHT LHZ space heating technology unwaveringly despite all the, often contradictory, energy strategies of governments and global energy companies. We develop and produce efficient electrical heating equipment that can be run on renewable energy sources, e.g. solar cells. This allows independent, decentral current production to be turned effectively into thermal energy for buildings.

People in many countries do not have access to clean air and healthy heat. The electrical heat supply equipment by LUCHT LHZ has been making an important, uncomplicated and effective contribution for a long time.

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