Inputs & costs


Inputs & costs


Imput & costs

The application fields of our electrical space heating technology are almost unlimited and change with the application conditions and cost influences, e.g. investment and energy carrier costs. Like all competing heating technologies, there are sensible, technical and economic limits that would have a negative impact on a decision to use a technology. These limits are not rigid, they differ greatly so that the application range for LUCHT LHZ electrical space heating technology is very broad.

If one compares the costs of competing heating technologies for average residential buildings, they could look like this:

  • Investment direct: inexpensive
  • Investment indirect: inexpensive
  • Installation: inexpensive
  • Maintenance: not applicable
  • Repair: negligible
  • Energy carrier costs: inexpensive

Examined over a period of 20 years the

  • lifecycle costs are low/li>

which means that all expenses required to enjoy the same useful heat for 20 years are the lowest, this is a figure that is easily understood.

LUCHT LHZ is investing in research & development to advance the electrical heating equipment so that not only the benefits can be better used, but that the overall energy-related effect can be increased.

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