Efficient production of electric radiators: Automatic loader and unloader for Euromac punch nibbler

At the end of 2022, we expanded our machinery to include an automatic loader and unloader for the Euromac punch nibbler. The technology grips raw sheets and positions them in the right places to obtain precise punchings. Quickly and without manual effort, both machines produce sheet metal parts for our electric radiators in cycle with high repeatability.


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The automation of the stamping production enables us to produce larger quantities of electric radiators with the same number of employees. Within a few months, we realized a quantum leap in quantities while improving quality at the same time.

“The first step was to expand our existing standalone Euromac MTX Flex 12 punching machine with automatic loading. For this, the manufacturer offers a compact loading system that can be used in all its diecutting machines via plug-and-play. Since the loading system is located on the left side of the work table, the machine remains accessible for manual operation at all times. With the loading system for 3 x 1.5 meter sheets, we now also use the die cutter unmanned in the third shift,” explains Uwe Lucht.

With our modern and efficient production, we meet the high quality demands of our OEM partners. State-of-the-art technology such as our spot welding system, the robot-assisted bending cell as well as the automatic loader and unloader for the Euromac punch nibbler, highly qualified skilled workers and our modern ERP system ensure reliable production of large quantities of electric radiators.

LUCHT LHZ is your efficient manufacturer for electric radiators Made in Germany.


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