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The electrical heater is one of the most energy-efficient and cost-effective heat supply technologies. With emission-free heat combined with intelligent regulation, this is a modern heat supply system designed for a global future.

There are no costs for natural gas, crude oil, wood, coal, distribution networks, fittings, chimneys, heating rooms, annual inspections and maintenance.

The investment costs often only make up a fraction of hot water or hot air heaters with comparable outputs and can be installed relatively easily.

Emission-free, decentral electrical heat supply technology is the logical consequence of the development of the global E-strategy initiative that realistically has only just begun.

Join Lucht LHZ as an OEM partner with your own products.

Absolute quality and reliability

LUCHT LHZ products are developed using modern equipment, and are produced with state-of-the-art production systems and resources.

Thanks to strict quality standards, we supply high-quality, durable and safe products that have enabled us to further expand our market position.

We believe that research and development are the basis for the technical advancement of our products and services.

Our high-quality OEM products are manufactured and supplied in compliance with the same principles, norms and quality standards.

Become an OEM Partner

Original-Equipment-Manufacturer (OEM) products are quality products in original equipment quality that our LUCHT LHZ OEM partners distribute under their own label in many countries.

The global market is growing rapidly because the easy installation, flexible use, local emission-free space heat generation and low procurement costs offer benefits that no other space heating system can match.

The application fields are almost unlimited – in the living area of a detached house in a village, through to mega residential complexes in megacities.

The LUCHT LHZ electrical heating equipment also makes a daily contribution to ensuring that everyone has access to healthy warmth and, at the same time, that resources are preserved and climate goals can be reached more quickly.

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Become an OEM partner

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