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For OEM partners: Electric radiators directly from the manufacturer

Become an OEM partner of LUCHT LHZ

✓ You want to expand the product range of your trading company with a full range or a specific type of electric radiator?

✓ You are looking for a manufacturer who produces innovative electric radiators with your brand label?

✓ You rely on lean and cost-effective delivery processes and are looking for a reliable partner at your side?

LUCHT LHZ is a manufacturer of innovative electric radiators – 35 years of electric radiators Made in Germany. We offer Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) products, i.e. quality electric radiators in OEM quality. Well-known OEM partners distribute electric radiators from LUCHT LHZ under their own label in more than 50 countries.

As an OEM partner, you benefit from these advantages:

  • Electric radiators with your brand label – white label electric radiators: We develop and manufacture “your” electric radiator as white label or with your brand label.
  • Low defect rate – highest quality standards: We produce high-quality, durable and safe electric radiators for you in compliance with all specifications of national and international standards, directives and laws.
  • Optimize your purchasing – full range of electric radiators: Fewer suppliers by bundling your purchasing with LUCHT LHZ. We produce all types of electric radiators for you and develop new products for you and with you.
  • Order large quantities – reliable, efficient production: We reliably produce even large quantities of electric radiators, have a large warehouse incl. dropshipping.
  • Renowned manufacturer from Germany + 35 years of experience: Benefit from our know-how, research & development of innovative electric radiators and our cooperation as a reliable OEM partner.

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Full range of electric radiators

We at LUCHT LHZ manufacture electric radiators at our site in Burgstädt, Germany. We produce a full range of electric radiators – for our OEM partners:

  • Partial storage heaters for maximum energy and cost efficiency
  • Convector heaters for fast heat
  • Combination storage heaters as a mixture of partial storage heaters and convector heaters
  • Bathroom heaters for maximum heat comfort with splash water protection
  • Duo Smart heater, the modern electric storage heater (night storage heater)
  • Infrared heaters for comfortable warmth + modern design
  • Design heaters for the PLUS of individual design

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Highest quality and reliability

We develop your electric radiators by LUCHT LHZ with the most modern instruments and also manufacture large quantities with modern production facilities: reliably and resource-saving.

We have the highest quality standards for our electric radiators and supply you with high-quality, durable and safe products. It is not for nothing that we have been able to expand our market position worldwide.

LUCHT LHZ electric radiators meet all normative requirements of German, European and international standards for modern heating technology, especially the European Ecodesign Directive, for which we mark our products with an “ErP Conform” seal.

For us, research and development are the basis for the technical advancement of our products and solutions and our company.

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Efficient & high-performance production

Lucht LHZ has a high vertical range of manufacture with mechanical production, powder coating and assembly. Our ERP system DELECO® connects all production areas with each other and with the sales department.

We work with routings, bills of materials and production orders. The ERP system simplifies and optimizes the recording of your order-related production data. We work daily to streamline our processes and improve the utilization and coordination of employees and machines. LUCHT LHZ works paperless and sends documents such as order confirmations and invoices electronically.

Our OEM partners appreciate us for our

✓ Reliable production of large quantities
✓ High adherence to delivery dates
✓ Smooth production processes

Become an OEM partner now

Discover our electric radiators

Wohnraumspeicherheizung bei LUCHT LHZ ElektroheizungDuo Smart HeaterMehr erfahren
Badheizung elektrisch von LUCHT LHZ ElektroheizungBathroom heaterMehr erfahren
Infrared heater from LUCHT LHZ electric radiatorsInfrared heaterMehr erfahren
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Infrarotheizung + Designheizung von LUCHT LHZ ElektroheizungDesign heaterMehr erfahren
Teilspeicherheizung von LUCHT LHZ ElektroheizungPartial storage heaterMehr erfahren

Become an OEM partner

Thank you for your interest in becoming an OEM partner of LUCHT LHZ electric radiators. Please write us a message and we will contact you shortly.