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Elektroheizung einfach steuern und bedienen - mit der Lucht LHZ App

Control and operate electric radiators easily and intuitively – with the LHZ app

For all electric radiators with DSM thermostat.

  • Control and regulate the temperature and operating times in your room
  • Cost-effective networking of all “DSM” electric radiators without large investments
  • Easy installation
  • “Out-of-house”-function: With only one command, all electric radiators are controlled by individually set temperatures
  • Detects open windows and automatically controls the temperature accordingly
  • Everything under control: Set individual temperatures and times for each heater
  • Automatic function – detects presence and absence and adapts accordingly to your heat requirement
  • Self-learning start function: Achieves the set temperature at its desired time (for example, at 6:30 it should be 21°C warm in the bathroom)

Electric radiators: Smart control

  • Many heaters in our range are available with the DSM thermostat
  • Temperature, day, week program and individual time program
  • Daily, monthly and yearly statistics

What you need

  • DSM interface
  • Heaters with DSM thermostat
  • Free LHZ App

Costs and consumption - everything under control


LHZ App: Clear statistics at a gance

  • Daily, weekly and monthly display
  • Detailed consumption display
  • Displays for each heater separately
  • Zoom function of the consumption display


At home or on the road? The new geolocation function!


What the geolocation does:

  • The geolocation can be switched on or off and detects whether you are in your flat
  • If you are absent, your heater will be lowered to a temperature you specify
  • Protects the environment and your wallet
  • Heater only warms when you are in the house
  • Determine the radius of your presence