Perfect warmth.

To feel good.
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Commercial launch of an electric heater used
in temperature sensitive areas

Commercial launch of a variable and compact
electric storage heater

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Perfect solutions

The first electrical car of the heating industry

This year’s ISH – the world’s leading exhibition for water, heat and climate – that is taking place in Frankfurt am Main from 11. to 15.03.2019 will be a milestone:

“Emission-free heat supply in combination with optimum lifecycle costs that allow the latest climate goals to be achieved more quickly and ensure that everyone receives and has access to heat and clean air – these are the environmental and social goals we want to achieve with our heat technology.”…

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30 years of perfect warmth. To feel good.

Modern electrical heating systems by Lucht LHZ – these are energy-saving and emission-free solutions for high levels of comfort, cosiness, design, reliability and cost efficiency. Energy efficiency, climate protection and flexibility. We supply our ‘Made in Germany’ products to international markets.

Motivated employees, research and development, modern production facilities, combined with 30 years of experience – this is the only way to achieve: Perfect warmth. For a sense of well-being.

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Bathroom heater
Infrared heater
Electrical storage heater
Direct heater
Electric combination heater
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Perfect products. Discover now.

Products for new buildings, and also modernisation and restoration projects that can be used wherever

  • maximum comfort
  • minimized investment costs
  • optimum lifecycle costs
  • emission-free space heating
  • power from renewable sources

are important criteria for an investment decision and the buildings are to be used permanently or simply on a temporary basis.

Our Internet showroom is available 24/7 with initial information. If you have any more questions about products, their use, purchasing options or working with us, simply contact us.

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