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LUCHT LHZ: Electric radiators made in Germany

We at LUCHT LHZ manufacture electric radiators at our site in Burgstädt, Germany. We produce a full range of electric radiators – for our OEM partners:

  • Partial storage heaters for maximum energy and cost efficiency
  • Convector heaters for fast heat
  • Combination storage heaters as a mixture of partial storage heaters and convector heaters
  • Bathroom heaters for maximum heat comfort with splash water protection
  • classic electric storage heater (night storage heater) and modern Duo Smart heater
  • Infrared heaters for comfortable warmth + modern design
  • Design heaters for the PLUS of individual design

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Become an OEM partner and benefit from these advantages:

  • 35 years of experience: we offer you innovative electric radiators made in Germany.
  • Highest quality standards: We produce high-quality, durable and safe electric radiators for you in compliance with all specifications of national and international standards, directives and laws.
  • Full range of electric radiators: We produce all types of electric radiators for you and develop new products for you and with you.
  • Modern and efficient production: We reliably produce even large quantities of electric radiators for well-known OEM partners, have a large warehouse incl. dropshipping.
  • White label electric radiators: We supply you as a reseller with electric radiators with your brand label.

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Showroom: Discover LUCHT electric radiators for OEM partners

Wohnraumspeicherheizung bei LUCHT LHZ Elektroheizung
Duo Smart Heater
Badheizung elektrisch von LUCHT LHZ Elektroheizung
Bathroom heater
Infrared heater from LUCHT LHZ electric radiators
Infrared heater
Elektrospeicherheizung von LUCHT LHZ Elektroheizung
Storage heaters
Konvektorheizung Direktheizung von LUCHT LHZ Elektroheizung
Convector heater
Kombiheizung von LUCHT LHZ Elektroheizung
Combination storage heaters
Infrarotheizung + Designheizung von LUCHT LHZ Elektroheizung
Design heater
Teilspeicherheizung von LUCHT LHZ Elektroheizung
Partial storage heater
Wird geladen.

Duo Smart Heater

The “Duo Smart Heater” from Lucht LHZ is a new type of electric storage heater. It combines the advantages of traditional static heat storage systems with the opportunities of the latest technological developments. Compact dimensions, variable charging options and smart control result in a trend-setting concept that is optimal for using future variable electricity tariffs or locally generated renewable energy.

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German, European and international standards met

Our modern and efficient LUCHT LHZ electric heaters meet all normative requirements for modern heating technology, especially the European Ecodesign Directive, for which we mark our products with an “ErP Conform” seal.
Currently, our sales and OEM partners sell LUCHT LHZ electric heaters in over 50 countries worldwide. 35 years of experience as well as highest demands on quality and technical reliability form a secure foundation for long-term and trustful customer relationships.

Smart control

Most LUCHT LHZ electric radiators feature smart control via DSM thermostat (+ DSM interface) and free LUCHT LHZ app.

Your customers benefit from many smart functions of their new electric radiator:

  • Everything under control: individual temperatures and times for each electric radiator – temperature, daily, weekly program and individual time program
  • Clear statistics: Daily, monthly and annual statistics are easy to retrieve
  • “Out-of-home” function: With only one command, all devices are turned down to individually set temperatures
  • Open-window detection: Detects open windows and automatically regulates temperatures downwards
  • Automatic function: Detects presence and absence and adjusts to the heat demand accordingly
  • Self-learning start function: Reaches the set temperature at the desired time (e.g. at 6:30 a.m. it should be 21°C in the bathroom)
  • Geolocation: Detects whether people are in the apartment and regulates the heating down to a set temperature when they are absent

Learn more about the smart controls of our electric heaters
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Electric radiators score with many advantages. Discover now.

At LUCHT LHZ, we produce innovative electric radiators for you. Your customers will benefit from many advantages that electric radiators offer them. LUCHT LHZ electric radiators offer:

  • maximum comfort
  • minimized investment costs
  • optimum lifecycle costs
  • emission-free space heating
  • power from renewable sources.

See for yourself!

Our electric heating showroom is available online for initial information 24 hours a day. If you have any questions about specific products and cooperation, please contact us.


Efficient production thanks to new ERP system

In the summer, we introduced the DELECO® ERP system from Delta Barth at Lucht LHZ. It connects all areas of the company with each other.

Working with work plans, technologies, bills of materials, production orders, the feedback of work processes as well as the mapping of outsourced work results in many advantages for internal processes, for example in terms of adherence to schedules, utilization and coordination of employees and machines or streamlining of processes. In addition, LUCHT LHZ now works paperless and sends documents such as order confirmations and invoices electronically.

LUCHT LHZ latest news

January 22, 2023

Lucht LHZ relies on the DELECO® ERP system from Delta Barth. This enables us to seamlessly connect mechanical production, powder coating and assembly – for even better quality and on-time delivery for you.

Delta Barth presents all details of the ERP implementation in its user report.

To the user report (in German only)

Renewable energy for electric radiators

January 18, 2023

According to the latest report of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection, the share of renewable energy (mainly from wind and sun) in the German electricity mix increased to 47% in 2022. By 2030, this should increase to 80%. If you want to heat with as few emissions as possible in the future, electric radiators are a good option. And with electricity from your own roof, this is already 100% possible today.

December 12, 2022

As a manufacturer of electric radiators, winter is, of course, our favorite season. Since this weekend we can also enjoy wintry weather at our company headquarters in Burgstädt.

Dezember 3, 2022

Our bending cell (Roberta) the FX BendCell 2550 from Euromac is warming up for your night shift. Setup, commissioning and acceptance has worked perfectly. Many thanks to Allesandro and Nico from EUROMAC and Martin Mohring … Great job!

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