Visually and haptically convincing

Burgstädt/Sachsen, 05th October 2022:

If your heater feels like real leather or resembles the brickwork to which it is attached

…then you are probably using a personalized electric heater from Lucht LHZ.

Industry leading UV LED large format flatbed printer

At Lucht LHZ, we are expanding our machine park bit by bit, while also keeping an eye on customer requirements. Nowadays, heaters are no longer just a means to an end, they should also look good. We have been carrying out the normal powder coating of our components in our own powder plant for many years. With the latest addition to our machine park, an UV-LED large-format flatbed printer  from Mimaki, much more is now possible. From crystal-clear images, which are a pleasure for the eye of the beholder, to 2.5 D relief textures, which also make the radiators a tactile experience, everything is possible.

2.5D printing technology

We know and use 3D, i.e. spatial or three-dimensional bodies, on a daily basis. However, the term 2.5D is not yet so common. What is behind it? With the new 2.5D Texture Maker feature, Mimaki lets its printers automatically create bump textures by overprinting up to 17 layers based on a single grayscale image. Each layer is constructed differently, together they form an amazingly realistic texture with varying layer thicknesses on the medium used. This makes it possible for the heating surface to look and feel like real wood, for example.

„Let’s create… Together“

is the motto of Mimaki, the traditional and leading printing machine manufacturer from Japan. We would also like to use the possibilities of our new machine together with you and create creative and unusual designs for electric heaters. Do you have your own ideas and concepts? Talk to us and we will explore together how we can implement them. Let’s create… together.


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