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Lucht LHZ is the innovative company in the future-oriented, emission-free and reliable electric radiators ‘Made in Germany’. Our products fulfil all national and international conditions of modern heating systems. The easy connection options with power from renewable energy sources, and our research & development results ensure that our top products are among the most advanced of their kind. This is what our customers can expect across the world.

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Our mission

Technology & Innovation

Lucht LHZ electric radiators are developed and manufactured in compliance with national and international norms, guidelines and laws.

All our products satisfy the specifications of the European Ecodesign Directive for heat generators and heat storage units.

Our smart regulation technology allows maximum comfort, absolute energy and cost efficiency, and state-of-the-art operating ease.

Research and development is our way of bringing our products and solutions even closer to international, energy and environmentally-relevant goals.

Function & Design

Our products offer more because they combine

  • space heating and
  • interior design.

We combine function and design. We give architects and residents more design freedom. We provide more room to live. Because our equipment can do more.

Environment & Guarantee

Our electrical space heating equipment offers extremely long service lives and flexible usage options. We focus on durability and recyclable materials. Environmentally-incompatible materials, like plastics, are only used where technically necessary.

Our electrical heating equipment works locally without creating emissions and, thanks to the fact that no local primary energy carriers are used, this saves on the use of materials that would ultimately lead again to waste.

We firmly believe that this is the only way to

  • preserve resources
  • avoid waste
  • active climate conservation.

We carry this concept from Germany out to our international customers across the world.

This means that, every day, we operate flexibly to help supply people with warmth, protect the environment and make it a little better.

This requires products and solutions that are suitable for this.
We offer these kinds of products and solutions.
This is something we can guarantee in the long-term.

Excellent credit rating

Lucht LHZ has been certified with the “CrefoZert” creditworthiness certificate since May 2021. In doing so, we show our suppliers, partners and customers that doing business with us is safe and risk-free.

Every year around 1,200 medium-sized companies from Germany receive the CrefoZert. The certification is carried out by the Verband der Vereine Creditreform e.V. on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Determination of the Creditreform creditworthiness index
  • Review of the complete annual financial statements for the last two financial years
  • Company survey on the current business situation and future prospects.

In order to obtain the CrefoZert, the creditworthiness index must be between 100 and 249. In addition, neither the analysis of the annual financial statements nor the company survey may give any indication of current credit risks.

The CrefoZert is valid for one year and can be renewed as often as required by checking it again. All successfully audited companies are listed in the CrefoZert database and are publicly available.

Link to the CrefoZert company list

Partners & Cooperations

Wir sind Mitglied der IG Infrarot.

IG Infrared

We are a member of IG Infrarot, the interest group of the leading manufacturers of infrared heaters in Germany. Together, the members want to educate and advise on the subject of infrared heating. They actively design holistic building concepts and are contact persons for consumers, planners, media and politics. They develop application and design guidelines for infrared heating systems, set quality standards and support standardization processes.


Industry Association ZVEI

We are a member of the ZVEI industry association. It promotes the common interests of the electrical and digital industries in Germany and internationally. As a member company, we use the association as a forum for opinion-forming and as a competent representation of interests vis-à-vis politics, society, customers and value-added partners. Together, the members of the association help to make innovation marketable through the setting of rules, standards and norms and to enforce them in competition.


ZVEI: Verband der Elektro- und Digitalindustrie

Your added values

Sustainability & energy

The installation of LUCHT LHZ electrical space heating technology is an invitation to the environment & energy field. Our electrical heating equipment is not only cutting edge from a technical and qualitative point of view. We are also absolute leaders in fields such as

  • preservation of resources
  • local emission-free heat
  • energy efficiency
  • avoidance of waste

and this is something that our customers in more than 50 countries across the world appreciate.

When looking at the lifecycle costs, it becomes apparent that our solutions are energy and cost-efficient. But we do a lot more than this.

“For the last 3 decades we have stayed on our path with the LUCHT LHZ space heating technology unwaveringly despite all the, often contradictory, energy strategies of governments and global energy companies. We develop and produce efficient electrical heating equipment that can be run on renewable energy sources, e.g. solar cells. This allows independent, decentral current production to be turned effectively into thermal energy for buildings.

People in many countries do not have access to clean air and healthy heat. The electrical heat supply equipment by LUCHT LHZ has been making an important, uncomplicated and effective contribution for a long time.

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Today & tomorrow

For decades electrical space heating equipment has proven its worth in many areas, application fields and countries across the world, even though the conditions vary greatly.

Lucht LHZ electric radiators fulfil the requirements of the standards e.g. the Ecodesign Directive that has already been the reason for the elimination of light bulbs. This may make sense from a general strategy perspective, although this could be debated in some cases. At least it is a driver for the economy, and also acceptable for research & development.

The E-mobility strategy is also a driver for the economy. Climate protection thanks to clean power produced centrally in a few power plants and decentrally from many renewable energy sources that is supplied to the charging stations. This is where it is charged in batteries to supply the electrical motor of the vehicle.

Electrical heating technology has been pursuing a similar strategy for decades, however there are still many different ways to examine and approach the issue. From a purely physical point of view, the energy-related efficiency of electrical heaters is excellent, whilst the exegetic efficiency is poor.

Once heat has been use by humans, it escapes into the environment. But what happens with oil heating systems? As soon as the heat is discharged into radiators, the same thing happens.

If you examine the overall balance through to the development of the material and oil sources, the production and/or smelting of the materials, the production of the materials and heating system parts, the installation and maintenance of the systems, and the transport costs and individual climate loads, it becomes apparent that the communicated benefits of an oil heating system are not always as clear as they might seem.

Of course, opinions are general, and the climate communication in particular is not free of regional prerequisites and the influence of lobbyists. The price of power varies greatly across the world as do the conditions for a heating system itself.

The fact is, it is very difficult to compare heating systems. The energy procurement costs are only one part of the equation. Lucht LHZ favours determining lifecycle costs, which is a recognised benchmark in many areas of the economy, in which all costs are analysed over a period of 20-25 years.

We are convinced that our Lucht LHZ electric radiators will compare favourably. Our partners and customers can decide freely at their own discretion about costs, climate protection and reason.

We support decision freedom today & tomorrow.

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Input & costs

The application fields of our electrical space heating technology are almost unlimited and change with the application conditions and cost influences, e.g. investment and energy carrier costs. Like all competing heating technologies, there are sensible, technical and economic limits that would have a negative impact on a decision to use a technology. These limits are not rigid, they differ greatly so that the application range for LUCHT LHZ electric radiators is very broad.

If one compares the costs of competing heating technologies for average residential buildings, they could look like this:

  • Investment direct: inexpensive
  • Investment indirect: inexpensive
  • Installation: inexpensive
  • Maintenance: not applicable
  • Repair: negligible
  • Energy carrier costs: inexpensive

Examined over a period of 20 years the

  • lifecycle costs are low

which means that all expenses required to enjoy the same useful heat for 20 years are the lowest, this is a figure that is easily understood.

LUCHT LHZ is investing in research & development to advance the electrical heating equipment so that not only the benefits can be better used, but that the overall energy-related effect can be increased.

Are you interested in finding our more about the topic?

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