Infrared heaters from LUCHT LHZ meet the new European standard DIN EN IEC 60675-3 with distinction

Infrared heating is a modern and environmentally friendly way to efficiently heat living spaces. An important indicator that you should consider when choosing an infrared heater is the radiation efficiency. It indicates how effectively an infrared heater delivers the generated heat to the room. An electric heater may be called an infrared heater if the radiation efficiency is above 40%, explains Dr. Peter Kosack of the Technical University of Kaiserslautern.

LUCHT LHZ infrared heaters have achieved particularly good results for their radiation efficiency. The renowned testing institute of the University of Dresden certifies the LUCHT LHZ infrared heaters a significantly higher radiation efficiency than 40%. This means that we are allowed to call all infrared products “infrared heaters according to DIN EN IEC 60675-3”.

A high radiation efficiency means that the infrared heater effectively delivers the generated heat to the room. The room warms up quickly and pleasantly. LUCHT LHZ infrared heaters require only a short heating time of a few minutes. This is a great advantage especially in the cold season, when the room can be brought to the desired temperature within a short time.

LUCHT LHZ infrared heaters work on the basis of infrared radiation generated by a special surface. This radiant heat is emitted to the environment and creates a pleasant feeling of warmth, similar to a sunny day outdoors. Compared to conventional heaters, infrared heaters emit heat in a targeted and punctual manner, which reduces power consumption and saves energy costs.

In addition to the high radiation efficiency and short heating time, LUCHT LHZ infrared heaters have other advantages. They are easy to install and require hardly any space. Moreover, they are maintenance-free and have a long service life.

Overall, LUCHT LHZ infrared heaters offer an efficient and environmentally friendly heating option with a particularly high radiation efficiency and short heat-up times. Due to the fast and pleasant heating of the room as well as the energy efficiency, they are an attractive alternative to conventional heaters.


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