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Current developments at the manufacturer of electric radiators

Innovation and continuous development are our guiding principles, also for our company and our employees. Here we report on current developments in the company LUCHT LHZ.


From historical charm to future-orientated warmth: the role of Lucht LHZ in the transformation of Schloss Zingst

In the heart of Germany, where history meets future, stands the picturesque Schloss Zingst, a jewel dating back to 1665, which is led into a sustainable future thanks to the vision of its new owners, Ulrike and Matthias Kappis, and the innovative partial storage heaters from Lucht LHZ, a leading OEM manufacturer of electric radiators.   When Ulrike and Matthias...


Warmth and support – our 2023 Christmas fundraising campaign

During the festive season of giving and charity, LUCHT LHZ renews its commitment to the community through our annual Christmas fundraiser. Christmas, a symbol of hope and joy, inspires us to focus on those who need support the most. Once again this year, instead of giving traditional gifts to our customers and business partners, we have decided to invest in...


Infrared heaters from LUCHT LHZ meet the new European standard DIN EN IEC 60675-3 with distinction

Infrared heating is a modern and environmentally friendly way to efficiently heat living spaces. An important indicator that you should consider when choosing an infrared heater is the radiation efficiency. It indicates how effectively an infrared heater delivers the generated heat to the room. An electric heater may be called an infrared heater if the radiation efficiency is above 40%,...


GS mark & TÜV Nord certification for ISP-W DELUXE infrared heaters

A big step for OEM partner of Lucht LHZ Elektroheizungen GmbH & Co- KG We, Lucht LHZ Elektroheizungen GmbH & Co- KG, have recently received the coveted TÜV Nord certification with GS test seal for our ISP-W DELUXE infrared heating series. The company's manufacturing facility in Burgstädt and Hartmannsdorf was also certified, which is an important milestone for us as...


Efficient production of electric radiators: Robot assisted bending cell

The fully automated FX BendCell 2550 bending cell from Euromac has been at our Burgstädt production site since the end of 2022. With high production capacity and precision, it bends side parts for our electric radiators. Roberta, as we affectionately call the bending cell, picks up the raw sheets with the robotic arm (KUKA KR 60) and turns them into...


Efficient production of electric radiators: Automatic loader and unloader for Euromac punch nibbler

At the end of 2022, we expanded our machinery to include an automatic loader and unloader for the Euromac punch nibbler. The technology grips raw sheets and positions them in the right places to obtain precise punchings. Quickly and without manual effort, both machines produce sheet metal parts for our electric radiators in cycle with high repeatability. The automation...


We support community projects

Christmas is the season of gifts and charity. At LUCHT LHZ, we give gifts where help is needed most. Every year, we select charitable projects that are particularly close to our hearts and donate money to the good cause. We are happy to be able to give something back. Instead of giving small gifts to our customers and partners, we...


Visually and haptically convincing

Burgstädt/Sachsen, 05th October 2022: If your heater feels like real leather or resembles the brickwork to which it is attached ...then you are probably using a personalized electric heater from Lucht LHZ. Industry leading UV LED large format flatbed printer At Lucht LHZ, we are expanding our machine park bit by bit, while also keeping an eye on customer requirements....


NFC – surface storage heating in a Europe-wide field test

Burgstädt / Saxony, February 26th, 2022: As part of our DIGIFED EU project "Touch&Heat", we are testing electric NFC surface storage heaters in a field test in several European countries. Touch&Heat aims to accelerate the deployment of new electric heating variants that improve energy efficiency by using Near Field Communication (NFC) and mobile apps to make configuring energy-saving functions easier...


Lucht LHZ helps

Burgstädt / Saxony, December 21st, 2021: "Christmas is just around the corner and the year is approaching its end." At Christmas it's time to say thank you and give our appreciation for a successful year. This year and especially during these difficult times for many people, we would like to take this opportunity to support charities who devote all their...


Lucht LHZ becomes a member of IG Infrarot

Burgstädt / Saxony, July 26th, 2021: IG Infrarot is the interest group of the leading manufacturers of infrared heating in Germany. Lucht LHZ joins this association and thus positions itself in the top ranks of German infrared heating manufacturers. The association deals with questions from the areas of norms, legal standards, quality factors, areas of application and basic information on...


Lucht LHZ receives grant for a new EU project

Burgstädt / Saxony, February 26th, 2021: Congratulations! Your project application has been selected and is approved by the DigiFed project, which is funded by the European Horizon 2020 program. This positive news reached us this week and made the Lucht LHZ team very happy. Together with our French partners we applied for funding from DigiFed with the “TouchHeat” project. All...


Prices for heating with oil and gas are increasing

Burgstädt / Saxony, January 3rd, 2021: Heating with oil and gas will be significantly more expensive in Germany from January 2021. The reason for the average 7% higher costs (according to a current analysis by the consumer portal Verivox) is the CO2 tax included in the climate package of the Federal Republic of Germany. Because the combustion of fossil fuels...


Lucht LHZ receives patent for new heat retention tablets

Burgstädt / Saxony, June 14th, 2020: Lucht LHZ holds a new patent under the patent number EP2834317A1 since May 2020. The invention relates to a heat transfer medium which consists of a chamotte-containing mixture. It is coated on all sides with a powder coating. A heat conductor is embedded in the heat transfer medium. The powder coating consists of a...


15th anniversary of Daniel Russell at Lucht LHZ

Burgstädt/Sachsen, der 28.11.2019: Daniel Russell, our Export Sales Director, celebrates his 15th anniversary at Lucht LHZ this year. Daniel was recruited in 2004 by our Managing Director Uwe Lucht and since then represents Lucht LHZ as well as our brand Technotherm worldwide. Over the past 15 years, he has built an impressive international customer base. In 2004 Lucht LHZ exported...


LUCHT LHZ: The first electrical car of the heating industry

Burgstädt/Saxony, 01.01.2019: This ISH – the world’s leading exhibition for water, heat and climate - that is taking place in Frankfurt am Main from 11. to 15.03.2019 will be a milestone: “Emission-free heat supply in combination with optimum lifecycle costs that allow the latest climate goals to be achieved more quickly and ensure that everyone receives and has access to...

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