Efficient production of electric radiators: Robot assisted bending cell

The fully automated FX BendCell 2550 bending cell from Euromac has been at our Burgstädt production site since the end of 2022. With high production capacity and precision, it bends side parts for our electric radiators. Roberta, as we affectionately call the bending cell, picks up the raw sheets with the robotic arm (KUKA KR 60) and turns them into finished side parts for infrared heaters and direct heaters in various bending steps – quickly, precisely and reliably in large quantities.


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The Euromac FX bending cell is suitable for sheet sizes up to 2,500 mm. It supports our production mainly for large series our most popular electric radiators. We continue to produce small batches on the existing press brakes and swing bending machines. At night, the bending cell continues to produce diligently unmanned.

“The use of a robot was new for our employees. Before that, four employees went to Kuka and Euromac for training. After only two weeks, we were able to produce on our own. This is partly due to the easy-to-use FX Cell 3D software, which we use to program the entire cell offline. We have to change the tools manually for each product, but the software tells us which tools should be placed where,” explains Uwe Lucht, managing director of Lucht LHZ Elektroheizung GmbH & Co. KG.

He sums up: “All in all, the investment in punching and bending automation has already brought a quantum leap in quantities within just a few months and has more than fulfilled our desire to increase capacity and improve quality.”

With our modern and efficient production, we meet the high quality demands of our OEM partners. State-of-the-art technology such as our spot welding system, the automatic loader and unloader for the Euromac punch nibbler as well as the robot-assisted bending cell, highly qualified specialists and our modern ERP system ensure reliable production of large quantities of electric radiators.

LUCHT LHZ is your efficient manufacturer for electric radiators Made in Germany.


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