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Partial storage heater

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Partial storage heater - the efficient electric radiator for permanently used rooms

Partial storage heater is an electric radiator with storage bricks. When you turn it on, it uses electricity to heat the fireclay storage bricks inside. Then the power turns off and the electric storage heater releases the heat from the firebricks in a controlled manner. The partial storage heater scores with short heating times and long heat emission. It provides a comfortable heat with a mix of 50 % radiant heat and 50 % convection heat.

With its integrated digital thermostat, power supply and heat output can be controlled in an energy- and cost-efficient manner. The thermostat offers users many smart features and the ability to app and cloud control their heating. Learn more about the smart control and integrated features.


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Partial storage heaters made by the German manufacturer LUCHT LHZ

✓ have a high-quality finish

✓ have a modern design

✓ offer flexible installation and color options and make the partial storage heater the

✓ economical electric heater

✓ for permanently used and heated rooms.

As an OEM partner, we produce partial storage heaters with your design and logo.


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Benefits + technical details

Clicking the + symbol in the screen will show you more information about the LUCHT LHZ partial storage heaters. Just contact our sales team if you need product-specific information about planning, purchasing, installation and operation.
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Product video

Our partial storage heater explained in 2:30 minutes in a short and understandable way.

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Your customers will benefit from these top 3 advantages:

Energy and cost efficient electric heating: heat storage & smart functions save electricity and money, especially suitable for permanently heated rooms.

Flexible electric heating: LUCHT LHZ partial storage heater is available in any RAL color. It is suitable for fixed wall mounting and as a mobile heater on stands or casters.

Smart electric heating: Setting and operation with integrated digital thermostat (manually on the device), via app or cloud.


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Electric radiators from the manufacturer: Your benefits as a retailer

We at LUCHT LHZ have been producing innovative electric radiators in Germany for over 35 years.

As a retailer and OEM partner, you benefit from these advantages:

  • Have “your” electric radiator produced at LUCHT LHZ: White label or brand label – we produce your electric radiator
  • High quality and low defect rate: high-quality, durable and safe electric radiators, compliance with all specifications of national and international standards, directives and laws
  • Optimize your purchasing: fewer suppliers by bundling your purchasing at LUCHT LHZ with full range of electric radiators
  • Order large quantities: High availability through modern and efficient production of large quantities, large warehouse incl. dropshipping
  • Renowned manufacturer from Germany: 35 years of experience with electric radiators, cooperation with well-known OEM partners

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