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For planners and contractors: Plan emission-free electric heating with confidence

Forward planning

Electric radiators are one of the most energy and cost-efficient technologies for space heating. With emission-free heat, coupled with intelligent control, it is a modern, future-oriented heat supply system available worldwide.

A modern electric radiator eliminates the costs of natural gas, oil, wood, coal, distribution networks, fittings, chimney, boiler room, annual inspection and maintenance. Investment costs are often a fraction of alternative heating systems of comparable performance. Electric radiators are relatively simple to install and operate.

Are you an architect, energy consultant, specifier or specialist heating or electrical contractor?

Enter the future of heating now!

Find out about the advantages and operating conditions of electric radiators. Discover the benefits for your customers. Learn about the context and background for a correct comparison with other heating technologies. Find out about the renewable energy partner system.

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For Architects

Electric radiators reduce building costs and maximise space

With electric radiators, you can save up to 70% of the space and construction costs associated with central heating systems: boiler rooms, boilers, chimneys, oil storage, distribution pipes, etc.

Annual maintenance costs for the heating system, heat pump, chimney sweep, oil and gas storage tanks, expensive repairs? There are none. Good news for builders and architects.

LUCHT LHZ electric radiators are installed, the plug is plugged in, the controls are set and that’s it. From now on, the heating will last for years.

Is it that simple? In principle, yes. Sockets and cables are quickly installed and correctly positioned, and the distribution box is fitted with all the fuses, just like a standard electrical installation.

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For heating & electrical planners

Electric radiators: similarities unite differences

Traditional heating systems are designed by heating system engineers (e.g. heating, ventilation and plumbing engineers). Specialist electrical engineers design electrical, distribution and communication systems in the field of building services.

Heating engineers rarely have in-depth knowledge of electrical engineering. Specialist electrical planners rarely have basic knowledge of the principles of indoor climate and the necessary determination of heat requirements.

With its consultancy services, LUCHT LHZ promotes the cross-trade qualification of both specialist planners.

The result: specialised electrical heating planners, i.e. former heating and electrical planners, who are able to dimension the corresponding electrical heating systems professionally and appropriately, plan their installation and take over the construction management and acceptance.

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For heating and electric contractors

Modern electric heating technology is on the rise and, like e-mobility in the automotive industry, is becoming a global technology driver and economic engine.

The demand for local emission-free space heating is growing because LUCHT LHZ electric radiators are modern, efficient, clean, easy to install and operate. Optimised life cycle costs show every building owner that they can achieve more with electric heating technology from LUCHT LHZ.

Get involved in the heating technology of the future today, become a LUCHT LHZ partner company and benefit from many advantages.

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How electric contractors design heating systems

How electrical contractors design heating systems

Who designs electric heating systems? This question is answered: Both trades. Specialist electric and heating planners and specialist electric and heating companies. From now on, all specialist companies can be advised by the LUCHT LHZ planning experts.

As a specialist company, you can advise your customers as usual, record the local conditions and receive a suitable offer from us. A combination of electric heaters and solar energy or other customer-specific wishes and requirements will of course be taken into account. If required, our experts will advise you on installation, acceptance and customer training.

This will enable you to supply and install modern electric heating systems for your customers.

We can also provide the expertise you need to design smaller projects safely and to standard.

Life cycle costs as a benchmark

LUCHT LHZ electric radiators are efficient, resource-saving and emission-free systems.

Depending on the system, each space heating system incurs different costs for

Direct system investment costs
the associated construction costs
Maintenance and service costs
recurring inspection costs and
Energy source costs.

The sum of the individual costs is the life cycle cost, which is a meaningful comparison figure.

Only a holistic comparison, including all items, reflects the true costs on which a decision can be made. Partial comparisons are factually incorrect and lead to wrong decisions.

We can give you comprehensive advice on cost items and possible cost trends for electric heating systems.

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Discover LUCHT LHZ electric radiators

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Easy to understand & plan with confidence

Advice on planning an electric heating system

✓ Do you want to understand modern, intelligent electric heating technology?

✓ Are you looking for more certainty in comparing conventional and electric heating systems?

✓ Do you need more specific expertise to design efficient electric heating systems, to tender them professionally and to provide professional support during installation?

The LUCHT LHZ electric heating experts can advise you on these and other topics:

  • Standard and legal requirements
  • Applications and special cases
  • Structural requirements and saving potentials
  • Heat demand and technical design
  • Correct comparison of competing heating systems
  • Design and tendering
  • Installation, operation… and no maintenance?

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Expertise from LUCHT LHZ for the design of an electric heating system

Are you planning a building or building services? Do you want to check whether an electric heating system would benefit your customers or tenants? Do you need professional support during the various phases of the project?

We can do this for your project:

  • Design of our electric heating technology
  • Rough overview of ‘trade requirements’
  • Life cycle cost comparison of competing heating systems

In addition for certified LUCHT LHZ system partners

  • Determination of heat demand
  • Technical planning
  • Preparation of specifications
  • Preparation of installation drawings
  • Preparation of electrical drawings

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