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Climate and environment protection with electrical heaters

E-mobility is the latest buzz word, and is deemed one of the greatest global revolutions. But is that really true? Actually: No. The vehicle industry started working on the electrical motor in the middle of the 19th century. Combustion motors were only developed because the energy storage problem seemed unsolvable. Also, fuel stations promised better business.

The fact is that E-mobility means we are returning to our origins.

People have always used the sun, wind, water and the earth’s thermal energy. Of course, the way we use these resources is different today. Electric radiators are the answer as far as uncomplicated, energy and cost-efficient solutions are concerned.

Lots of people have insufficient warmth, clean air, clean water. Every day, we produce billions of waste across the world; this will total around 6,100,000,000,000 kg every day in 2025.

Use electric radiators by Lucht LHZ to embark on your journey toward independent and low-loss use of renewable energy to generate space heating. We avoid / minimize waste thanks to strict design principles, material selection and the durability of our electric radiators. With made-to-measure decentral emission-free space heating, high flexibility and energy-efficiency, our products make a specific contribution to climate protection.

Very soon electric radiators will become what E-mobility is for the traditional automotive industry as both industries are oriented on the irretrievable consumption of energy sources such as oil.

Our LuchtLHZ electric radiators combined with renewable energy is a forward-thinking technology that is already available to every building owner today. And all this with optimum lifecycle costs.

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