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For distributors and retailers: Trade electric radiators profitably

Demand for electric radiators

The LUCHT LHZ electric radiator is one of the world’s most energy-efficient and cost-effective heating technologies of the future.

Demand on the market is growing because it is not only private consumers who have rediscovered the advantages of electric radiators. Architects and planners are also aware of the benefits, because there is hardly any other way to create more space and free up budget for living and interior design at such a favourable price.

Maximum comfort, product variety, modern design with an interior design factor, efficient energy conversion, uncomplicated installation and operation are arguments that are of increasing interest to homeowners, landlords and tenants. In addition, flexibility and frost resistance are important requirements in many applications that our products meet.

Local, emission-free heat generation is an argument that is becoming increasingly important in times of diesel bans and electric mobility, and will become the standard technology of the future. Combined with electricity from renewable energy sources, there are many possibilities, savings and sensible solutions.

Are you a heating or electrical installer or company?

Get involved in the future of the heating industry now. Find out about the benefits and opportunities of electric heating. Discover the advantages for your customers. As a LUCHT LHZ partner, enjoy the dropshipping service that takes the pressure off your warehouse.

Become a trade partner

Become an OEM partner and benefit from these advantages:

  • 35 years of experience: We are a manufacturer of innovative electric radiators made in Germany.
  • Highest quality standards: We produce high-quality, durable and safe electric radiators for you in compliance with all specifications of national and international standards, directives and laws.
  • Full range of electric radiators: We produce all types of electric radiators for you and develop new products for you and with you.
  • Modern and efficient production: We reliably produce even large quantities of electric radiators for well-known OEM partners, have a large warehouse incl. dropshipping.
  • White label electric radiators: We supply you as a reseller with electric radiators with your brand label.

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For distributors

Well prepared – project business is picking up

Architects, specialist planners and specialist contractors are very close when it comes to projects in which LUCHT LHZ electric radiators with optimised life cycle costs have prevailed over competing heating systems.

Owners, landlords and investors in residential and commercial properties are aware of the advantages of electric heating.

With LUCHT LHZ at their side, electric and heating contractors are well equipped for the project business with electric heating technology and expect the same from their product supplier, the specialist wholesaler.

Enter the project business with emission-free, modern and efficient LUCHT LHZ electric radiators.

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For retailers without stock – LUCHT LHZ Dropshipping

Storage takes up space and costs money. As a specialist retailer, you usually only have a small stock of materials and products. Our LUCHT LHZ dropshipping service is the solution for specialist dealers and companies: We deliver electric heaters directly to your customers. More sales without higher costs.

It’s as simple as that:

  • Become a LUCHT retail partner.
  • Buy electric radiators from LUCHT LHZ for inspection and advice.
  • Advise your customers on all aspects of electric heating.
  • If required, we can assist you with our expertise in planning an electric heating system.
  • Discuss with your customers who will carry out the installation professionally.
  • Sell LUCHT LHZ electric radiators to your customers.
  • Entrust LUCHT LHZ with the delivery to your customer.

This way you can offer your customers the service and security of a large company without the expense.

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German, European and international standards met

Our modern and efficient LUCHT LHZ electric radiators meet all the normative requirements for modern heating technology, in particular the European Ecodesign Directive, for which we mark our products with the ‘ErP Conform’ seal.

Our electric radiators are currently sold in over 50 countries worldwide. Our distributors and OEM partners benefit from our 35 years of experience in electric heating technology and our high standards of quality and technical reliability.

Discover LUCHT LHZ electric radiators

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Easy to understand & plan with confidence

Advice on planning an electric heating system

✓ Do you want to understand modern, intelligent electric heating technology?

✓ Are you looking for more certainty in comparing conventional and electric heating systems?

✓ Do you need more specific expertise to design efficient electric heating systems, to tender them professionally and to provide professional support during installation?

The LUCHT LHZ electric heating experts can advise you on these and other topics:

  • Standard and legal requirements
  • Applications and special cases
  • Structural requirements and saving potentials
  • Heat demand and technical design
  • Correct comparison of competing heating systems
  • Design and tendering
  • Installation, operation… and no maintenance?

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Expertise from LUCHT LHZ for the design of an electric heating system

Are you planning a building or building services? Do you want to check whether an electric heating system would benefit your customers or tenants? Do you need professional support during the various phases of the project?

We can do this for your project:

  • Design of our electric heating technology
  • Rough overview of ‘trade requirements’
  • Life cycle cost comparison of competing heating systems

In addition for certified LUCHT LHZ system partners

  • Determination of heat demand
  • Technical planning
  • Preparation of specifications
  • Preparation of installation drawings
  • Preparation of electrical drawings

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