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For dealers: Trade electric radiators profitably

Demand for electrical and heating companies

Lucht LHZ electric radiators are some of the most energy and cost-efficient space heating technologies today, with a promising global future.

The demand in the market is growing because it is not only private consumers that have recognised the benefits of electrical heating technology. Architects and planners appreciate the benefits because it is almost impossible to create more space and a free budget for living and designing in a less expensive way.

Maximum comfort, product variety, modern design with an interior design factor, efficient energy conversion, uncomplicated installation and operation are arguments that are becoming increasingly interesting for owners, lessors and tenants. In many application areas flexibility and resilience to frost are important requirements that our products fulfil.

Local emission-free heat generation is an argument that is growing in importance in this era of diesel bans and e-mobility, and will become standard in the future. The combination with power from renewable energy creates many possibilities, savings effects and sensible solutions.

Are you a dealer or specialist company for heating or electrical technology?

Become a part of the future of the heating industry. Find out about the benefits and options offered by this technology. Discover the benefits for your customers. As a Lucht LHZ partner you can enjoy the service of our planning centre and the dropshipping service that takes the strain off your warehouse.

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State-of-the-art technology & planning security

German, European and international standards fulfilled

Our modern and efficient Lucht LHZ electric radiators meet all requirements of the heating equipment standards, in particular the European Ecodesign Directive as reflected by the ErP Conform seal on our products.

At the moment, our products are sold in 50 countries across the world. Our sales and/or OEM partners can fall back on 30 years of experience in the field of electrical space heating technology and the strictest of quality and technical reliability standards.

Emission-free, decentral electrical heat supply technology is the logical consequence of the development of the global E-strategy initiative that realistically has only just begun.

Use planning center

Are you planning buildings or building services installations? Would you like to check whether electric radiators have advantages for your customers or tenants? Do you need technical support in various work phases?

Welcome to the Lucht LHZ Planning Center!

What we can do for your project:

Design of our electrical heating technology
Rough overview “Requirements to the trades”.
Comparison of “life cycle costs” of competing heating systems

Additionally for “Certified Lucht LHZ System Partners”:

  • Determination of heat requirement
  • Technical Planning
  • List of specifications
  • Preparation of installation drawing
  • Creation of electrical drawing

Target groups:

  • Architects and energy consultants
  • Heating and electrical specialist planner
  • Specialist heating and electrical companies

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