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Lifecycle costs are decisive

Every building owner should determine the investment and operating costs before acting. Important criteria are also the space required by the heating system and the impact on the useful surface and design of rooms. The goals of a building project are always the same: appearance, lots of space, low investment and operating costs, low energy, repair and maintenance costs.

Everything is possible with a Lucht LHZ electrical room heater.

It is not just the cost of the energy medium itself (oil, gas, pellets, current,…) that is decisive, the overall costs generated by a heating system over a period of 20 years are more important. This also includes e.g. construction, testing, maintenance and repair costs for chimneys, energy media stores and/or connections, and the operating and repair costs for boilers, heat pumps or combined heat and power plants, as well as heating pumps, fittings and warm water distribution systems.

None of this is necessary for the electrical radiator technology by Lucht LHZ.

One very positive aspect is the associated increased usage factor of the building and the design options for the residents.

Our design radiators deliver both: heating and design. Thanks to a combination of our electrical space heating technology and power from renewable energy sources, building owners are not only entering a future with local emission-free and independent heaters but also use self-generated power efficiently and sensibly.

The optimum lifecycle costs are therefore the decisive factor. Lucht LHZ products create room and a budget to live.

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