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Heating residential buildings with electrical space heating technology is growing in popularity across the globe. The benefits are obvious: Clean, emission-free, decentrally generated heat combined with optimum lifecycle costs and easy installation, simple operation and little to no maintenance costs. If power generated from a solar façade or a solar roof is also used, the economic effects grow, as do the possibilities for climate protection and conservation of resources.

Attach electrical heating power distributors and cables invisibly to the wall, mount the radiator to the wall, insert the plug into the socket, set the smart radiator controller, and lean back and enjoy.

The risk of frost, air in radiators, failure of the heat pump, wear in the boiler, leaking pipes, ordering heating oil, repeat inspection and maintenance costs, deadlines for reading the heating meters – all this is no longer a problem, because they are not necessary with the electrical space heating technology by Lucht LHZ! This leads to more leasable floor space and profitable leasing objects that can be heated in an environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient, flexible and safe manner.

Be it a detached home or megacity residential complex – with Lucht LHZ space heating technology, you can make use of all these benefits without limitation, flexibly and permanently.

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