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Optimum work results, minimised costs

The climate situation in work rooms has a huge impact on the people working there. Optimum work results are therefore directly connected to the level of comfort perceived by the employees – and this may vary greatly.

Similar to how individually positioned, indirect and dimmable ceiling lights can impact on the well-being and optimum work results, Lucht LHZ electrical space heating technology has the same goals as a heat source thanks to the maximum flexibility. If necessary, even with respect to the location of the heat source.

Minimum space requirements, easy installation and emission-free space heating supply are not just ideal for inner city buildings and properties in megacities. The company’s image is impacted upon by the way it handles resources and its climate protection efforts in the administrative structure. Optimum lifecycle costs support efficient processes and minimise costs sustainably.

Electrical space heating technology by Lucht LHZ is on its way into the future.

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