Lucht LHZ sets new standards for sustainable production with expanded photovoltaic power plant

With an impressive expansion of our photovoltaic capacities, we are setting a strong example for environmentally friendly production processes for electric radiators. We have expanded our existing solar plant by a further 29 kilowatt peak (KWp) to a total output of 356 kilowatt peak (KWp).

This strategic move emphasises Lucht LHZ’s strong commitment to sustainable energy and ecological responsibility. The larger solar installation will play a central role in supplying the production facilities with clean electricity, leading to a significant reduction in the CO2 footprint and optimisation of energy efficiency.

‘Our philosophy is based on the symbiosis of ecological sustainability and technological innovation,’ explains Managing Director Uwe Lucht. ‘By investing in additional photovoltaic systems, we are underlining our goal of utilising economic benefits and protecting the environment at the same time. In this way, we can ensure the high quality of our electric radiators through sustainable production.’

Lucht LHZ Elektroheizung GmbH & Co. KG impressively demonstrates how sustainable energy and innovative production can go hand in hand, setting new standards for a green future in the industry.


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