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Electrical businesses and specialist heating companies

Demand for electrical businesses and specialist heating companies

The demand in the market is growing because it is not only private consumers that have recognised the benefits of electrical heating technology. Architects and planners appreciate the benefits because it is almost impossible to create more space and a free budget for living and designing in a less expensive way.

Maximum comfort, product variety, modern design with an interior design factors, efficient energy conversion, uncomplicated installation and operation are arguments that are becoming increasingly interesting for end consumers.

The local emission-free heat generation is an argument that is growing in importance in this era of diesel bans and E-mobility, and will become standard in the future. The combination of power from renewable energy creates many possibilities, savings effects and sensible solutions.

Are you a dealer or specialist company for heating or electrical technology?

Round off your product range and meet the rapidly growing demand for electrical space heating equipment using our dropshipping service and the high level of availability of the Lucht LHZ products.

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Dealers without a warehouse – Lucht LHZ Dropshipping

Warehousing requires space and costs money. Specialist dealers usually only have small material and product warehouses. Our Lucht LHZ dropshipping service is the solution for dealers and specialist companies. Higher sales without increasing the costs.

It is very easy:

  • Become a Lucht retail partner
  • Buy exhibition and consultation products
  • Advise customers
  • as required: Make use of the Lucht LHZ services,
  • discuss with customers about who should carry out any necessary professional installation
  • work: Make use of the Lucht LHZ installation service
  • Sell products and possibly installation services to customers
  • Commission Lucht LHZ incl. delivery to customers
  • Acceptance after installation, if agreed

This gives you access to the services and reliability of a large company without any effort of your own.

Emission-free, decentral electrical heat supply technology is the logical consequence of the development of the global E-strategy initiative that realistically has only just begun.

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Planning workshop

The planning workshop is aimed at understanding modern, smart electric heating technology, correctly comparing it with conventional and competing room heating systems, and expanding specific expertise to plan efficient electric heating systems, tender them professionally and provide professional support for installation.

Excerpt of the topics:

  • Normative and legal requirements fulfilled
  • Fields of application and special cases
  • Structural requirements and savings
  • Heat demand and technical dimensioning
  • Correct comparison of competing heating systems
  • Technical planning and tendering
  • Installation, operation…and no maintenance?

Target groups:

  • Heating and electrical specialist dealers
  • Specialist heating and electrical companies

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