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Electric radiators for wholesalers: distribution point for specialist operations

Specialist electrical and heating firms recognise opportunities

The market is reacting with growing demand due to the fact that consumers are concerned about diesel bans, e-mobility and the extreme dependency on conventional heating systems on international oil and gas cartels.

Electric radiators by Lucht LHZ offer safety – a fact appreciated by customers in 50 countries across the world. Increasingly, also in Europe and Germany. And on the rise.

This opens up new opportunities for electrical businesses and specialist heating companies that procure their products from wholesalers who can also profit from this development.

Well prepared – project business is growing

Architects, specialist planners and specialist companies are very close to the action as far as projects are concerned where LUCHT LHZ electric radiators with optimised lifecycle costs have been selected over competing products.

Owners, lessors and investors of residential objects appreciate the benefits of the electric radiators.

With LUCHT LHZ at their side, electrical businesses and specialist heating companies are ideally positioned for project business with electrical heating equipment and expect this from their product suppliers, the specialist wholesalers.

Join the project business with emission-free, modern and efficient electri radiators by LUCHT LHZ.

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State-of-the-art electrical heating equipment

Electric radiators are no longer marginal products that are only installed in an emergency or when there is no other alternative. They are modern, efficient, fully compliant, safe, environmentally compatible. They also preserve resources, generate local emissions and uncomplicated space heat, as well as acting as design objects and heat sources alike…

…and have optimised lifecycle costs.

These are undoubtedly LUCHT LHZ products from the leading company for electrical space heating technology, energy and cost efficiency, safety and reliability of electrical heating equipment.

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